Friday, February 04, 2005


There are but two choices in living life. We can live in fear, frozen and unable to act. Or we can accept the fear and act anyway. The fear is not optional. Our reaction to the fear is. Courage has never been the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of fear. Living a life beyond fear is accepting the fear, and living a full life anyway.

Many people would love to believe that they can conquer their fear. For a few days, they may even live in this delusion. Unfortunately, it is impossible to short-circuit fear. It is built into our very essence! In fact, it is hard-wired into our brain! And it serves a crucial function --it keeps us alive. But for the vast majority of people, the fear works too well. It keeps us away from living.

There is a difference between "being alive" and "living." This blog, and the book that it creates, marks the difference. Being alive is the foundation. Clearly, without that, there is no living. But fear makes us believe that we must live well below our potential, pretending this is necessary to keep us alive. It is not. It keeps us from living.

We cannot choose the circumstances of our life. Our circumstances usually choose us. However, we can choose our response to what life throws our way. A life lived without risk is an illusion. And a life lived to avoid risk is truncated and suffocated. But a life lived by accepting the risk, then moving forward –that is a full life!

In future posts, we will explore how we automatically respond to fear, our brain and fear, and begin to move toward ways of combating fear.




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